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Translated from Dutch by Ronald van Voorst (lees Nederlandse versie hier…)

320 Squadron England: FR-141 through FR-207 (except 152, 153, 154, 171, 172, 187, 197, 203)

B-25C: FR-141 through FR-179 (except 152, 153, 154, 171, 172)

B-25D: FR-180 through FR-207 (except 187, 197, 203)

B-25J: various ?


The Dutch no. 320 Squadron had already been operational in England using amongst others the Lockheed Hudson. From September 1943 the B-25 Mitchell was used in English camouflage pattern. Training started in March 1943 from the English base of Methwold. End-March saw a move to Attlebridge and end-August to Lasham. From here, bombardment sorties were carried out to occupied France. February 1944 saw a move to Dunsfold with operation alignment to the 2nd Tactical Air Force.

Prior to the Normandy invasion, operations were carried out along the coast like near Calais. Operations deeper inland resulted in heavy losses caused by the German Flak.

In October 1944 the unit moved to the liberated airfield of Melsbroek/Zaventem in Belgium. From here regular operation followed above the still occupied Netherlands. A final move was made in March-April 1945 to Achmer in Germany (near Osnabruck).

In total 67 airplanes have belonged to no.320 Squadron, of which 58 have been actually operational. 3200 missions were carried out by the squadron. At the end of the war, 28 planes remained. These were transferred to England when the no.320 Squadron was disbanded in August 1945.

In March 1946 the MLD no.320 Squadron started a new life on Valkenburg airfield with 16 Mitchells that had been used from England.

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