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 Building the Trumpeter P-47D Razorback in 1/32 Scale

Publisher:  KLP publishing

Author:   John Kim
Release:  2024 
Format:  PDF-file  with 319 pages
Price: 18,00 $ Australian dollar 

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KLP Publishing (Scale Modelling Guide Books) is an Australian publisher that specialises in modelling guides of specific topics and in PDF format. Publisher Kevin Futter has a clear vision for this. In short, the publisher does not want to have the limitation of real printed books, including unsaleable stocks, limited circulation against costs, limitation in pages also with regard to the costs. He certainly has a point.
You do not have these limitations with the PDF format, even the resolution of photos can be increased in a PDF so people can use PC or IPad to “blowup” interesting photos ideal for details, especially in modelling,
In total, KLP already has about 33 PDF publications to its name, most of them about aircraft models (2x Star Wars). This one about the Trumpeter P-47F Razorback is the penultimate (at the time of writing, early February 2024, the last one is the Airfix 1/48 Sea King). In terms of scales, it starts at 1/48 and goes up to even 1/18 for subjects.

The structure of the publications is as good as it is simple. Ask a modeler and in the case of KLP Publishing, not the least, to build a model and describe and document this build in detail with hints, tips and tricks and what goes with it.
Add some after-market products to the mix and a very extensive review and you get a 319-page model building guide with clear and very nice detail photos and a super builder at work! A real pleasure to browse and read.

This Razorback guide consists of six chapters;
About the Kit an in-depth review by Chris Sherland.
About John Kim, The American modeler.
Building the Model The detailed building with super photos.
Painting and Finishing and of course the weathering.
Gallery A beautiful set with photos of the model built.
Appendices Inserts with aftermarket products (including decals), of course only for this 1/32 model and publications.

The PDF concept appeals to me. Apart from the advantages of a publisher. Next to my building table is my computer with two screens and my iPad. So, it is easy to use such a PDF when building. A book or a magazine takes up space and often gets in the way or has to be picked up again and photos are relatively small.

This publication with the subject of the Razorback P-47D from Trumpeter only deals with this model and does not go into any further history of the type, but that is the essence of a building guide. The layout is well taken care of, and the photos used are published in high resolution so that you can "blow them up" in detail on your computer, Ideal. I have already mentioned John Kim as a super builder, especially when I look at his models on the internet and this P-47D. He does not think so, by the way. In his youth he started with the modeling hobby, but stopped when his family became more important. However, since 6 years he has been an active modeler again and he himself indicates that he is "trying to create an impression" instead of an extremely accurate model. Well, he certainly succeeds in both.
If you plan to build the Trumpeter P-47D Razorback, then this edition of KLP publishing is definitely worth serving as a guide for you. Let us face it: model building is a hobby, and a hobby should be enjoyed doing it, so if you are satisfied with your work, fine! If that is a competition supermodel, excellent, that is your impression of a model. A guide like this will help you with ideas, but you do not have to copy them all! So make your own “impression”
I enjoyed reading the book, the beautiful photos and the useful tips and tricks. John Kim does not build the model just out of the box, but he chose the Eileen of Lieutenant Frank Oiler's (WZ-S, serial 42-75249) of the 78th Fighter Group. It would have been a nice addition to include a number of drawings/profiles of the model being the subject of the book, now you are completely dependent on the decal sheet and the photos if you want to build it, which of course is possible.
Yes, certainly an interesting PDF edition from KLP publishing.

Thanks to KLP Publishing for making this PDF publication available for reviewing!

Reviewer :  Fred Bachofner


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