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Spitfire LF. Mk. IX/9 RAF/LSK    –    Hellcat II FAA

Brand:  Dutch Decal
Decalset:   DD2403
Scale:        1/24
Released:   2022
Price:  approx. EUR 16,-


At Telford 2022, the Airfix introduced their 1/24 Spitfire. Dutch Decal had responded by releasing a decal set for this giant model. Of course using “Dutch” versions.
As a second option a Fleet Air Arm Hellcat II PR with the Dutch twist that the aircraft was flown by a Dutch pilot, Chris Verhey van Wijk.
Dutch Decal offers some nice options for the models.


Spitfire LF.Mk. IX/9
F. Mk. IXc, MJ360, 3W+K, no. 322 (Dutch) squadron, UK 1944
F. Mk. IXe, RB147, 3W+G, no. 322 (Dutch) squadron, 84 Group, 123 Wing RAF Woensdrecht 1945
F. Mk. IXe, serial unknown, 3W+J, no. 322 (Dutch) squadron, 84 Group, 123 Wing RAF Woensdrecht 1945
For these RAF aircraft, the Airfix national markings and service details of the decal sheet in the box need to be used.

LF. Mk. 9c, MM424, 322 squadron, LuchtStrijdKrachten, Semarang AB, Indië, 1948
LF. Mk. 9c, NH328, H+60 322 squadron, LuchtStrijdKrachten, Semarang AB, Indie, 1948
LF. Mk. IXe MK362 “Moeders Angst” jachtvliegschool (OTU) Twenthe AB 1946
LF Mk. 9c MJ479, 3W+10, no 322 squadron LuchtStrijdKrachten, Soesterberg 1953.


Hellcat II PR, JV228, No 888 Sqn, FAA HMS Empress. Pilot Chris Verhey van Wijk

The set consists of a 7 page A4 sized booklet with color schemes and two decal sheets.

With this set you can certainly build two Spitfires, the RAF version with service markings and roundels from Airfix and a version with Dutch red / white / blue segmented roundels because these aircraft had virtually no service markings. Costing 114.00 Euros, one model is already a serious attack on your wallet, I think.

I have not yet seen the model myself, at least in reality, only in YouTube videos, but when I look at the size of the Dutch roundels it is huge and with these special decals will certainly attract attention in your display case.
If you have or can make enough room, it certainly pays to purchase this set. If you do not have the space yet but foresee that you will be living more spaciously in the future, I would certainly purchase the set before it will be sold out.

Thanks to Dutch Decal for making it available for review.

Reviewer :  Fred Bachofner


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