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Lockheed Constellation 749 PH-LDK “Amsterdam”
Lockheed Super Constellation 1049H PH-LKN “Hermannus Boerhave” 

Brand:        Dutch Decal
Decalset:   DDC7210
Released:    2022
Scale:      1/72
Price:  approx EUR 16,-  in The Netherlands


Already on the market sometime this Dutch Decalset for these two KLM Connies. Unlike many other Dutch Decal sets, you can build both Constellations with this decal set, not meant in a negative way but an observation, moreover it is one of the few civilian sets that Dutch Decal publishes and I would certainly like to see more.

The set is intended for the Heller/Airfix model for the L-1049H and the Heller model for the 749. This last model from Heller gives the PH-TDK with the thin blue stripe and "The Flying Dutchman" in blue letters above the windows. On the three tailplanes red-white-blue flags over the entire tailplane, underneath the registration. Dutch Decal gives you the option to build the PH-LDK with blue stripe and white lettering. See images. The aircraft in question is exactly the same but has had these two registrations.
The PH-LKN has the same color scheme as the PH-LDK.

For the civil builders a nice set to build these two icons of aviation in KLM livery. They are big guys in 1/72. At the moment I cannot build them (yet), they are much too big for me. If you have the space they certainly will shine in your display cabinet using this decal set.
Don't worry about the quality, that is perfectly fine with Dutch Decal.

Reviewer :  Fred Bachofner


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