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Authors: Tim van Kampen, Luuk Boerman
Publisher: Dutch Profile
ISBN: 978-94-90092-00-9
Published 2022
51 pages
Price around 18,00 euro.

This is the second edition by Dutch Profile about this type with the nickname "Stoef".
I am not familiar the first edition, but this edition is again packed with beautiful photos as far as possible given the period of the subject and therefore also of the photos. Certainly new photos are added.
Incidentally, the name "STOEF" was coined because the S-2A version was replaced by the S-2F pronounced as "STOOF" in Dutch corrupted to "STOEF".

This Dutch Profile is no exception to all others and is therefore also bilingual, Dutch and English. It provides an excellent image of the Tracker both on board the Karel Doorman and at the naval bases Valkenburg and Hato (Netherlands Antilles) and of course with the various squadrons. The deployment of Squadron 5 is also discussed in detail.
The book contains 5 pages with drawings by Luuk Boerman, including the KLM Tracker and a grey color scheme (Royal Canadian Navy color scheme), in HATO version, a "what if" joke. At the end two pages with interesting detail pictures, certainly interesting for modelers, however, I don't think it's an operational aircraft.
The book is completed by a list of all Trackers and as far as known where they ended up.   

For those who missed the first edition, a welcome addition to the Dutch Profile series for those interested in Dutch military aviation with a clear value for modelers. Lots of color photos just to look at and why not. Certainly interesting because there aren’t that many books on the MLD Grumman Tracker.

Thanks to Dutch Profile for the review copy.       

Reviewer :  Fred Bachofner


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