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Schnellzuglokomotive BR 02 Tender 2’2’T30  

brand:    Revell
scale:      1/87  (H0)
kitno.:    02171
price:     approx.  €  28 

The 130 km/h fast Class 02 was built from 1925 onwards as the first standard express train steam locomotive in Germany in a series of only 10 examples. This was due to the fact that the much better-known parallel design, the 01 series, was soon preferred. Unlike the four-cylinder BR 02, it had only two cylinders. Although the BR 02 was more powerful than its sister development, it was also more maintenance intensive. Gradually, therefore, all 02s were converted to the 01 standard by removing the two additional cylinders (seen on the kit box directly at the front under the boiler).
The steam locomotive was in service with Deutsche Reichsbahn, during the Second World War the railway network of Hitler.


The Revell kit contains:

3 black injection moulded frames

3 red injection moulded frames

1 transparant injection moulded frame
  (total 159 parts)

1 small decalsheet

1 building instruction of 24 pages 

The Revell kit in scale 1/87 (H0) is the scale that in many cases is used by our train model railway colleagues. I often hear comments, also within the IPMS that 1/87 is "no scale" and only for the train freaks. I do not agree with that at all. This scale also has many non-train trailers that, for example, build entire military barracks as a diorama.  
The model originally dates from 2003 and has now only received a new box, so it is relatively old yet the details for this small scale are extremely acceptable and you can make a very nice model of it.
Steam locomotives almost always have a lot of red under the boiler. For this, Revell has chosen to carry out these parts in red. There is something to be said for that. Red on red is easier than red on black, but yes I think a primer is really necessary!

Let the pricking begin. Despite that pricking you can still do extra detailing on this scale, for example the fire plate (the cockpit) of the locomotive that is casted in one piece with two separate parts or in the tender the "fake" coals replaced by real ones. Here and there some extra pipes .....

From the glassware of the locomotive you can see that this model is old. The windows of the locomotive look a bit prism-like. Not just the same thickness everywhere but whether there is a kind of extra window in the middle. This is not visible in photos. Use or create your own.

Certainly on steam locomotives you can go completely wild with regard to weathering.  I'm going to try that myself.  Seeking refuge with our train model building colleagues is actually a must. Especially I can recommend the YouTube channel Sebb's 1zu87.   
Be sure to watch any videos before you start construction because he also has many conversion and detailing tips.
When everything is ready, Revell has taken care of a piece of railway rail. Add some Preisertjes (that's how train builders call the dolls after the well-known brand) and a nice diorama is born.

An old model in a "new" box. Yet this old does not mean that the model is bad on the contrary to make something fun out of it is certainly possible. Revell classifies the model as level 4, which I agree with given the scale and the relevant small parts. Not really for beginners.
Really nice for the builder who wants to build something different than his standard interest.
This BR02 is part of a whole series of steam and diesel locomotives that Revell once released. Revell can re-release them all with or without a new box as far as I am concerned.

Thanks to Revel and IPMS Nederland for making the model available for a review.


Reviewer:  Fred Bachofner 


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this article was published July 6, 2022