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MODEL:    Mercedes-Benz Unimog U1300 TLF 8/18 (Fire Dept Services) 
BRAND:    Revell
KIT NO:     07512
SCALE:      1/24
NUMBER OF PARTS:  216 :  6 frames including one with clear parts in relevant colors rubber/soft plastic tires 
PRICE:  range 45 - 53 euro

 "My first impression"

The four-wheel drive Unimog TLF (Tanklöschfahrzeug) -8 series is also intended for off-road use. Thanks to the 1800-litre extinguishing water supply, it is suitable for fighting fires quickly and also for extinguishing with fire hose water supplies, even in rough terrain. The Unimog U 1300 L was built from 1975 to 1993.

The model was already released in 1985 and has since appeared in 18 versions or reissues. It is this year's (2023) model as a limited edition and completely "NEW", as the packaging text promises. What Revell means by new is not entirely clear to me because it is certainly not new tooling. The Scalemates website also clearly questions this.
The cover image on the typical Revell packaging with side flaps without inner box shows the built model against a photorealistic background. Details of the model can be seen on the back of the box. The sprues are colored white, red and gray, respectively, so that it can also be built without paint. The model is therefore also shown on the packaging in unpainted condition.

The parts are fine, level of detail corresponds to the 80s. That is okay, but it does not give cause for cheer either. The model has a lot of flash that cannot be otherwise given the age of the model, 1985. The molds will have suffered quite a bit, extra handling , is certainly necessary on many of the parts, also because of the seams, but it is certainly not impossible with good model building tools.
Two doors of the buildup after the cabin are movable and show the interior design. It is a great pity that some parts, such as an axe, coupling, nozzle and hoses, to name a few, have been casted on the wall of the interior, here Revell could have clearly improved the model with a small new tooling, yet there are also a whole range of accessories that are supplied separately and make the interior more attractive. The coiled fire hoses, water jugs and loose couplings, for example. In 1985, 3D printing was not yet available, at least not in the form we know today. With the help of 3D printing, many of the molded parts can of course be manufactured separately, together with separate printed teardrop plate parts, the model can very well be beautifully embellished. If you do not want this or do not have the possibilities, painting the parts in such a way that they "detach" from the background will offer the only solution, there are certainly techniques for this. I would definitely replace the aforementioned loose hoses with homemade ones, which must be doable from or with putty.

The cabin is not overly detailed, but certainly offers opportunities for expansion and improvement. There are photos on the internet of the interior, incidentally also of the content of the internal parts and that can be varied. The model also has an "engine", is not much, but the cabin is cast in one piece and the bonnet cannot open, so you cannot see it except from below. There is a wire protection in front of the headlights. I could not find this one with the sprues, but it turns out to be an actual part made of wire. After a lot of searching, it turned out to be hidden somewhere in the manual. As far as I am concerned, not so smart of Revell because it falls out and there is a substantial risk that that will happen just where you cannot find it anymore. I quickly pasted it on the front of the manual. Revell also do just like with antennas of tanks! It is fairly stiff wire, which is going to be something to bend that into the right shape..... Steering wheel and wheels can be moved if mounted correctly. The cabin has a windshield, and the triangular folding windows in the door, but no door windows and no rear windows. Very strange and actually strange, or not, because they have not been included in any of the versions. Here Revell could have come up with another new tooling again. Because windows are in rebates, simply sticking them behind them is not really realistic, that also applies to the door windows. The option is to glue the door windows in a partially open position. For the rear windows there is a technique on the internet with tape, but they are not really well in sight so gluing against the back is certainly also possible. For all lamps / lights the bright parts are included, so you have to apply color yourself. Photos clearly show that there is a winch at the front in the middle of the bumper. The model does not have one, at least what is included does not give me the impression of a winch, looks more like a pull bar. The choice is yours as a builder. On top of the cabin are two flashing lights. In almost all cases in photos I have seen, these are protected by a small wire cage. The model does not have that, which is possible. Again, your own choice. On top of the superstructure, the railing and the ladder(s) are neatly supplied. The correct scale ratio is not verifiable for me because I have not seen an example vehicle. At least it looks realistic.

The tires are made of rubber, at least that's what I assume, plastic is also possible. In any case, this will eventually lead to the decay of the tires. I have even read on the internet that with regard to these tires (old version?) there is even liquid running out. At least they collapse with time. After-market tires are not yet available at least according to Scalemates, not specifically for this model, perhaps in combination with other 1/24 models, but that will be searching. Positive point is that the tires have no seams!

The included decalset, has the date 2023, so I assume that it is also the quality of 2023. I have not really been able to discover anything that would show that they are old decal sheets. Printed in Italy, they look fine.
It offers the possibility to build a version of the: "Feuerwehr" 
Fire brigade Trier (Germany)
Fire Brigade Bad Oeynhausen (Germany)
Fire Brigade Höxter (Germany)
Fire Brigade Braunschweig (Germany)
Fire Brigade Venlo (Netherlands)
Fire Brigade Salzburg (Austria)
Fire Brigade Altstätten (Switzerland)
Fire Brigade Hasselt (Belgium)
In other words, the choice is huge!

The manual is in color and therefore "new" compared to the older models. As always, the color recommendations only cover Revell's own color offerings. The construction steps are clearly presented.

I do not understand Revell's "new" comment. The model dates back from 1985 and that can also be seen in the quality of the parts. Quite a bit of flash and coarse seams. Molded parts that could also have been supplied new as a detail. However, it remains a nice attractive model in the Revell range with many possibilities to beautify and adjust. You can really go all out. Each according to his own abilities. Revell indicates level 5, which is quite advanced, but if you get started as a beginner without further painting, you will also get a nice model that looks good on the mantelpiece and will attract attention. Nothing wrong with that. As a firetruck freak is your thing buy and build it. After-market products are not indicated by Scalemates, perhaps someone steps into this niche.

Price, well it is a 1/24 model, but with a quality from 1985. I would not buy it, but it is not in my interest. However, firefighter freaks probably are. If in so many cases the buyer determines. In any case, I am going to build the model with pleasure. 

Thanks to IPMS Nederland and Revell/Hobbytime for making the model available.


Reviewer:  Fred Bachofner 

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