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                          NOTE: illustration above shows also the CAMs vehicle.  

   nedvlag  Nederlandse lezers... kijk hier....  

Dutch KNIL tankers 1941 – 1942

Brand:    Pacific Crossroads Models
scale:     1/35  
kitno.:     3501  and  3502  (resin)
price:  approx 25,- Euro per set



"first impression" 

Again a manufacturer that dares to produce Dutch subjects in the field of figures. Especially when you consider that this Russian manufacturer currently focuses mainly on ships in scale 1/350 with as a salient detail many Royal Netherlands Navy subjects, such as the Admiralen Class and the light cruiser de Ruyter and everything from the period 1941 – 1942. Dutch East Indies period.
New the 2 sets with 2 figures each in scale 1/35 representing KNIL tank crews from the period 1941 – 1942. Excellent to use with, for example, the model of the CAMs Vickers A4E12 of the KNIL.

The 4 figures are alternately put together, by which I mean from a complete figure to separate parts such as body, head and hands. There is absolutely no flash present and the details are excellent. They have a crispy look.
I am not a KNIL expert, certainly not, but with the necessary research I came to the conclusion that the uniforms had to be historically correct. Some asking around in my circle of acquaintances yielded confirmations. So nothing wrong with this. The poses of the figures indicate that they should be used in combination with a fighting car (also called tank). The figures can of course be adjusted or remodeled.

A welcome addition to the Dutch figure kits in scale 1/35 and certainly in terms of location and time period KNIL and WWII. Good of detail and historically correct, where I make the comment that the figure with the (black) beret wears it more or less over the right but I have also come across photos about the left. Basically modeled for use in combination with a tank. Definitely recommended for those interested in the subject.

For those interested in the Royal Netherlands Navy during this period, especially in scale 1/350, I can certainly recommend this manufacturer. The combination of ships and aircraft in scale 1/350 makes beautiful dioramas possible or of course simply put them in your showcase. Take a look at the Facebook web shop (external link FB):


Courtesy of Pacific Crossroads Models for making the models available. 

Reviewer:   Fred Bachofner


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 article pubished on IPMS.NL website March 15, 2022