Your Participation
This page will provide you the information necessary to participate, including the contest rules and categories.

Participation in our contest is open to all, as long as models entered consist of at least 80% plastic and/ or resin.

Competing models are evaluated on an individual basis by experienced modelling judges. Judges are invited by the IPMS Nederland contest leader according to their modelling skill set. Models will be reviewed individually on its own merits and independently from other contest models. Judges are guided by the contest rules.

Our contest
Prizes "Gold, Silver and Bronze "can be won as well as Highly Commended and Commended appraisals.


Each model is judged individually, on its own merits and shortcomings.

Please consult our contest rules so you will know what to expect:

pdf contest-rules-rev3-ENGLISH.pdf

Contest Categories 

Categories listed here are used solely to facilitate an efficient judging process and to provide a logical way of grouping models on the tables.

VP              Airplanes, Military, Propeller

VJ              Airplanes, Military, Jets

VC             Airplanes, Civilian

HELI          Helicopters

MV             Vehicles, Military

CVV           Trucks, Civilian

CV             Vehicles, Civilian

SP             Ships

FIG            Figures

VACS        Vacuform en scratch

DIO           Dioramas

SFR           Science fiction, Space & Fantasy

JAL           Juniors, all categories, for participants below the age of 16 years.

(Note: the CVV Category for Civilian Trucks is to better estimate the table space).

For each model, also indicate in the form below the scale of your model to estimate table space planning.

Contest procedures

• (Pre-Registration of a model through the website is closed as of Sunday November 18).  

• Registration at the ESM Saturday at the contest table is still possible, the registration fee is than € 5,- per model, payment is in cash at the contest table. Please try to bring exact change to facilitate the registration process.

• Models are brought in at the contest area on ESM Saturday between 09.00 - 11.00 hrs. After checking in at the contest table, you get a print to put near your model and you may place your models in the corresponding section of the contest tables. Because of the tight schedule, please do arrive on time.
• Table sections are indicated by category cards. Stewards will assist you as necessary. If a model needs to be rearranged, a designated steward may carefully move your model in the correct section.
• Please note: IPMS Nederland CAN NOT accept responsibility for partial or total loss of your model for any reason. Your models are entered into the contest at your own risk.
• Models entered into our contest may not reveal the name of the owner or modeller in any way. Any such reference must be adequately removed or covered before entry.
• A participant may enter up to 10 models into our contest. 
• Models entered into a previous ESM contest may not again be entered within a period of five years.


Special Trophies  
"Best of Show": This trophy will be won by the model which transcends all others in the contest.

“Pat Beentjes Award”: in memory of Pat Beentjes, one of the Founders of IPMS Nederland, a prize of the IPMS Board for the model with the most "scale-realistic natural-metal finish".

Best Group Display: This trophy will be awarded to the SIG, Regional Chapter or thematic group which has presented the most exciting group-display at the Euro Scale Modelling event. This trophy is about team initiative, spirit, originality and presentation.

Prizes awarded by ESM Sponsors: a selection of sponsors. 


ESM  contest team

ESM has a special contest team. Please read the contest rules if you are not familiar to the contest. Urgent questions? Use our Contest Team contact Form

(Pre-Registration of a model for coming ESM through the website is still closed).