Scale Model World 2013 was November 9 and 10, 2013 and also celebrated IPMS UK 50 years!

This is a photo report of SMW 2013.

Thousands of visitors were at The International Centre in Telford. The special theme for 2013, also because of the IPMS UK 50th anniversary year, was at the IPMS display  the history of the Society and modelling from 1963 to the present day.  "1 to 1" scale models were also present like a Spitfire, Bedford truck, Centurion tank and Huey and Highes helicopters. Very nice indeed. Very well organized, plastic modelling enthusiasts enjoyed the weekend at SMW. Over 1,000 models were in the model contest and over 200 clubs and exhibitors. Various branches, foreign clubs and SIGs were also present. One of these was the SIG Aerobatic Display teams, which also has several Dutch IPMS NL members. From IPMS The Netherlands, dozens of modellers were also at SMW 2013 and several of them set out a display in the "overseas section" with theme "100 years Dutch Military Aviation". Several IPMS NL Board members were also there, also at the famous Saturday night dinner and banquet at the Holiday Inn hotel.

Thank you IPMS UK SMW team for this great event.

So now, enjoy the photo's and see (may be) what you have missed.

All photo's: Meindert de Vreeze / IPMS NL Board and IPMS NL webmaster (C) Copyright


Showing (a few only due to time limitations) some new announcements like the 1/24 Airfix Typhoon and the 1/32 HK Models Meteor. Also seen are the IPMS NL table in the "overseas section" with theme "100 years Dutch Military Aviation" and SIG Aerobatic teams display table.

  • airfix-typhoon1
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