IPMS Italïe organiseert een Online Wedstrijd in 2021  (vanwege Corona beperkingen).

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Art.1: The competition is open to all International IPMS associations members, with the exception of the members of the IPMS Italia Board and the Members of the IPMS Varese "Asso di Spade" and IPMS Legnano "Cavallino Rampante" centers
Art.2: The competition is open to all entries, possibly completed during the quarantine period, both from assembly boxes and built from scratch and complying with the provided categories.
• Note 1: model makers up to the age of 17 are admitted to the JUNIORES category (indicate age in the registration email).
Art.3: The organizers, at their sole discretion, reserve the right to refuse models with a racist/xenophobic character, or in any case discriminatory and/or showing excessive and gratuitous violence or that may offend morality.
Art.4: The organizers, at their sole discretion, reserve the right to move the entries into one category other than that indicated in the registration form, or to merge homogeneous categories in case of lack of a sufficient number of participants or of works registered in one of them.
Art.5: Participation in the competition is free.
Art.6: The works must be submitted by email not later than May 15, 2021 with a maximum of 3 photographs per model accompanied by the requested information. The registration is done with email, see below how...
Art.7: Each competitor can participate with a single model for each category up to a maximum of three categories.
Art.8: The entries will be judged by the Members of the IPMS Legnano "Cavallino Rampante" and IPMS Varese "Ace of Swords" Centers. The jury's decision is unquestionable.
Art.9: participation in the Competition is subject to sending of the registration e-mail and involves full acceptance of this regulation.
Art.10: the personal data entered in the registration email remain confidential and exclusive use of the organizer Clubs and treated in accordance with the privacy law n ° 196/2003.
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Registrations through email will start on February 15th 2021 and will end at 11:59 pm on May 15th 2021.
To register, send an e-mail to
   ipms italia email
For each model you wish to register.
The e-mail must contain:
- in the object the indication of the category  (A - P , see above);
- maximum 3 high resolution photos attached;
- name and surname;
- year of birth;
- your IPMS card number (Foreign participants: your own IPMS no)
- name of the model;
- scale;
- main kit / brand used for the model;
- other useful information.
On 15 June 2021 the winners in the different categories will be announced on the IPMS Italia Facebook page, on the site and via a Flash bulletin.
In each category the deserving models, judged with the open formula, will be rewarded with a certificate. Two Best of Shows will also be awarded, one for the best model presented by IPMS Italia members and one for the best model presented by members registered with international IPMS associations.
There may also be Special Prizes offered by the Sponsors of the event, the list of sponsors will come periodically updated on IPMS Italia social channels.
ITALERI, official sponsor, proposes the "Italeri Model Trophy" event in which prizes will be made available for the best models of their brand. The works will be directly chosen by the Italeri staff as one single category and the open formula will be used.
AMMO, official sponsor, will provide awards and “Best Weathering” certificates for the best weathered models of the following categories: Military Vehicles, Airplanes, Fantasy / Mecha / Sci-Fi, Figures. The models will be evaluated and selected by Ammo's staff.
KUSTOM SERVICE, official sponsor, will provide prizes for the best painting job in many categories. The models will be evaluated and selected by Kustom Service's staff.
IPMS Verona will provide prizes for the best Star War model, best Gulf War plane, best Gulf War AFV, Most original model.
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We look forward to your entries and participation!
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