The Eurocopter EC135 was developed as a twin-engine helicopter an development started in the eighties by MBB. The first T1 versions had a conventional tail rotor. The design got later the Fenestron T2 tail rotor system. The final EC135 that also used another engine and composities was ready for production in 1995. Deliveries started in 1996. The type is also extensively used by the Dutch and German police forces and the Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht and medevac services ike the Dutch ANWB. It was also developed into a militarized version.

The Eurocopter consortium is now part of Airbus Industries. The EC-135 has been developed further into the Airbus H135....(<walkaround)



EC-135 T2

This EC-135 T2 is of the German armed forces and was seen at Gilze Rijen June 2014.

Photographed by Meindert de Vreeze (C) Copyright IPMS Nederland

EC-135 T2 ANWB 

This EC-135 T2 Lifeliner is of the Dutch ANWB which operates medivac and assistance helicopters from different locations. The ANWB also cooperates with the German ADAC. This EC-135 T2 has civil registration "PH-EMS" and was manufactured in 2004. Dutch ANWB Lifeliner helicopters have the RAL 1016 "sulphur yellow" scheme.

Photographed by Hans Oostendorp (C) Copyright IPMS Nederland


This is the same EC-135 T2 of the Dutch ANWB "PH-EMS" . It was seen in Amsterdam Gerbrandypark in October 2005.

Photographed by Meindert de Vreeze (C) Copyright IPMS Nederland


Very nice and good plastic scale models are available by Revell in 1/72 (kit #04939 includes ANWB decals). In the larger scale 1/32 Revell issued in 2014 an all new mould 1/32 EC135 kit which is impressive and has loads of details including the interior though modules are a bit differenty for the ANWB.


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