The AgustaWestland AW101 is a medium-lift helicopter used in both military and civil applications. It was developed by joint venture between Westland Helicopters in the UK and Agusta in Italy and was called the EH101 until 2007. It is manufactured at factories in Yeovil, England and Vergiate, Italy. It has replaced many older helicopters such as the Sikorsky Sea King for roles such as medium-sized transport and anti-submarine warfare. The AW101 first flew in 1987, and entered into service in 1999. In 2000, Westland Helicopters and Agusta merged to form AgustaWestland. The Merlin is also operated by Italy and the CH-149, called Cormorant, is a variant used by Canada for conducting air-sea rescue operations.


Royal Navy Merlin

this RN helicopter with code ZH837 was at Leeuwarden AFB, The Netherlands.

Photographed 2011 by Cees Hendriks (c) Copyright!

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