The American Sikorksy company developed the HSS-2 / SH-3 Seaking like family of helicopters. A USAF version was the (C)H-3 or also designated S-61R with a new rear fuselage with a ramp for vehicles and also a tricycle landing gear with a nose gear. First flown in 1963, it was assigned air crew rescue roles. During the Vietnam War, any CH-3 was a welcome sight by downed air crews as the "Jolly Green Giant" was called to rescue them.

An updated version was the CH-3E with stronger 1,500-horse engines. Usual accommodation was a crew of two or three and capacity for 30 troops or 15 stretchers. Some users call the LONG RANGE version HH-3F the Pelikan (like the US COAST GUARD).

hh 3 profile

HH-3 "Pelikan"  ITALIA

Here a rescue HH-3 Pelikan "coded 15 -20" is shown of the Italian Aeronautica. Seen in the eighties.

Photo/ Slide scans by Fred Bachofner,  (C) Copyright IPMS Nederland

  • 2851
  • 2854
  • 2872
  • 2873
  • 2875

from USAF handbook Technical order TO 1-1-4. Collection M. de Vreeze (used with permission)
Standard System colour numbers refer to the Federal Standard system with 5 digit numbered colours. Deviations on real helicopters may occur.

  • to-1-1-4-camo-ch3
  • to-1-1-4-camo-h3
  • to-1-1-4-europ-ch3
  • to-1-1-4-usa-std-h3
  • to-1-1-4-usaf-sd-h3
  • to-1-1-4-usaf-std-h3

Just a few plastic scale models of the CH-3 were released, like an old 1/72 kit by Revell.


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