The Northrop F-20 (or F-5G) was based on the the successful 5E / F Tiger series. Northrop wanted to enter with a low cost fighter the market with a capable fighter jet also for the "FX" program. Known as the Tigershark it got a single powerfull General Electric F404 engine and it was also intended to get new systems and avionics. First flight of the F-20 prototype which was basically a re-engined F-5E was August 1982. Taiwan had a serious interest for its air force but that was blocked. Eventually only 3 were manufactured and none was sold to any air force.

f 20 profile

Northrop F-20  Tigershark

This F-20 has serial 82-0064 (Northrop serial number GI.1002). It is the only remaining F-20 aircraft and it is kept at the California Science Center in Exposition Park, Los Angeles, California. 

Photographed 2016 by Cees Hendriks (c) Copyright IPMS Nederland

More scale models exist of the F-20 than real aircraft!   Takara - Revell had 1/100 scale kits and Hobbycraft and Arii a 1/144 kit.  Freedom models had a 1/48 kit as well as Hasegawa and Monogram!. In 1/72 the Hasegawa kit is the only one.



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