The Swedish company Saab, like many others was looking at the jet engine that emerged after the Second World War. The Swedish Air Force was also interested.

A propeller driven Saab J-21 was converted to take a jet engine with air intakes on the fuselage sides installed. De Havilland Goblin 2 engines were bought in England. First jet prototype , called the J-21R , flew in March 1947. Besides the intakes, the tailplane was moved up and the wing was also adapted. Only 60 J-21R aircraft were ordered for the Swedish Air Force in 1947. As a fighter, it had its limitations such as a very limited range of only about 200 km. It was also used in the ground attack role.


Saab J-21 R  (jet)

Aircraft, J 21A rebuilt as a J 21R, to represent the first Swedish jetfighter. Located at the Flyvapenmuseum (Swedish Air force) museum, Link√∂ping in Sweden. Seen August 2012.

Photographed by Peter Booij , (C) Copyright IPMS Nederland

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