The Goodyear company also manufactured airships, first for advertising in the 1930s. Various types of non-rigid "blimps" were also used for military training by the US Navy during WW2. The blimps were also used for coastal patrols in the Continental United States. There were slight differences between the types and individual blimps.

Type L was the smallest navy type with a length of some 45 meters. It was powered by two Warner R-5000 radial engines and had a crew of two. It could fly for about 11 hours. Some 22 Type L blimps were built.

navy blimps

Type L blimp

This L blimp coded L-8 originates from the Second World War. It is on display at  the National Naval Aviation museum at Pensacola.

Photographed Summer 2019 by Ronald van Voorst (C) Copyright IPMS Nederland

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The only Type L plastic scale model is a large 1/72 Combat Models vacuform.


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