The C-123 Provider was designed by the American Fairchild (Chase) as a medium military transport aircraft. Design started in in the nineteen fifties and the C-123B production model had two 2300 hp R-2800-99W engines with accommodation for 61 troops or 50 stretchers. It was delivered to USAF and later also USCG. It saw service during the Vietnam War , also in mysterious operations. It was used by the TAC and Reserves until 1990. 


C-123K Provider

This C-123K is at Chino and has former USAF serial 54-0581. It has now private registration N87DT.

Photographed 2014 by Cees Hendriks, (c) copyright

from USAF handbook Technical order TO 1-1-4. Collection M. de Vreeze (used with permission)
Standard System colour numbers refer to the Federal Standard system with 5 digit numbered colours. Deviations on real aircraft may occur.

In 1/72 scale, ages ago there was a Combat Models vacuform and a Magna kit. MACH2 released a basic kit in 2000 but in 2014 a very nice injection moulded kit of the C-123 was released by Roden. Amodel has a 1/144 kit. 


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