The Dornier Do-335 was designed as a fighter-bomber with a push propeller at the rear and pull propeller in the nose.  First flight was October 1943 with quite some test aircraft built but actual production started summer 1944. Called the "Pfeil" (Arrow), it was as fast aircraft but only a limited number were manufactured (about 37 aircraft). There was also a trainer version.

do 335 pfeil profile

Dornier Do.335 A-0 Pfeil

This Do-335 A-0 was the second production aircraft. It is a unique aircraft as it is the only survivor and was captured April 1945 at Oberpfaffenhofen. It was shipped to the USA and tested by the USAAF. It was restored in museum condition by the original Dornier company in Germany in the seventies and was also on loan to the Deutsches Museum. It is now on proud display at the Smithsonian at Dulles (Washington DC).

Photographed  2015 by Cees Hendriks (c) Copyright IPMS Nederland

Several models in various scales have been issued of the Pfeil. In 1/72 scale there was the old FROG kit along with Lindberg and Dragon and now the better Revell kit. In 1/48 scale Monogram, Revell, Tamiya have good kits. In 1/32 scale Cyberhobby and particularly Zokei-Mura and HK Models have good kits.