The type designed by French manufacturer Caudron originated from an aircraft made for the 1934 International Tourism Challenge. Versions were the C.630 / C.632 / C.635. The C.635 flew in 1935 and was quite fast reaching 275 km/hr with a 220 hp Renault 6Q Bengali engine.

caudron 635 profile

Caudron C.630 Simoun

This is an Air Blue postal coloured Simoun C.630 with registration F-ANRO d'Air Blue. It has a wing with dihedral for added stability. It was seen at the Le Bourget museum "Musee Air et Espace" at Paris.

Photographed 2016 by Meindert de Vreeze , (c) Copyright IPMS Nederland

A few scale models only exist.  In 1/48 a model by JMGT and in 1/72 by Heller.



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