The German Fieseler Fi.156 Storch was a small liaison aircraft built before and during the Second World War. The design started in 1936 and featured for Short take off and landing a fixed slat along the entire leading edge of the long wings. It has also wide span flaps. The main landing gear has long legs with shock absorbers, and combined with a very long wing it got its nickname, Storch. The fuselage construction has many tubes set in triangular shapes. Many aircraft were manufactured, also by other companies during the War. Nowadays, some are still flying in private ownership.


Fieseler Storch

This Fieseler Fi.156C-3 Storch aircraft was visiting an air show in Florida, USA. Registration N156FS  with lettering KF+XL

Photographed July 2011 by Cees Hendriks,  (C) Copyright IPMS Nederland