The Martin AM Mauler (originally XBTM) was a single-seat carrier-based attack aircraft built for the United States Navy. Designed during World War II, the Mauler encountered development delays and did not enter service until 1948 in small numbers. The aircraft proved troublesome and remained in frontline service only until 1950, when the Navy switched to the smaller and simpler Douglas AD Skyraider. Maulers remained in reserve squadrons until 1953. A few were built as AM-1Q electronic-warfare aircraft with an additional crewman in the fuselage.

Wingspan 15,24 m and length 12,57 m

Source: WikiPedia

  mauler sketch


Martin Mauler AM-1 (M-210) 

This Mauler with c/n 13916 / serial 122397 is restored and on display at the Pensacola museum, USA. It is painted in a gloss blue paint scheme. 

Photographed Summer 2019 by Ronald van Voorst (C) Copyright IPMS Nederland

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Plastic scale models are in 1/72 by A&A models, ACE, Esoteric, Siga, CMR resin and very rudimentary Airmodel vacu kit. There was also a basic vacuform in 1/32 of Combat Models. In 1/48 Collectaire had a resin kit.


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