The Bristol Bulldog II was designed in the 1920s as a biplane fighter. First flight was May 1927. Type 105A or Bulldog mk. IIA had a stronger structure and powered by a Jupiter VII F engine. It was "the" RAF fighter in the inter-war period of the early 1930s. Some were also deployed in the Sudan in 1935. It was withdrawn from RAF service in 1937 but some 440 aircraft were manufactured and also used in countries like Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Japan, Latvia, Siam and Sweden. Some ex- Latvia aircraft were also used in the Spanish Civil War in 1937.

bristol bulldog III

Bulldog Mk. IIA

This aircraft has serial K2227. It was preserved but had a crash in 1964 with restoring being completed in the 1990s. It was seen on display at the RAF museum in Hendon (London).

Photographed September 2018 by Ronald van Voorst (C), Copyright IPMS Nederland

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Some plastic scale model kits exist of the Bulldog II. In 1/32 scale Silver wings has an impressive kit. In 1/48 kits were from Inpact kits (also in Lindberg, Pyro, Life-Like releases) as well as Merit (also in Smer and Artiplast releases). In 1/72 scale there was the good old Airfix kit with now better resin kits from HR model and Omega.


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