The French Caudron G.III (G.3) was designed by the Caudron brothers, based on their G.II.  First flight was May 1914 and it has a special layout. It was military used as a reconnaissance aircraft in large numbers during the First World War and was mostly unarmed. Over 2,700 were built including some license building in Great Britain and Italy. Many air forces used the type after the war.

caudron g3 profile

Caudron G.III   

The G.III was also used in Belgium after 1918 with some 36 aircraft bought. This aircraft is a former French Caudron (than with Walter engine) and was restored in a Belgian scheme coded "2531". In 2001 it was refitted with an original Anzani Ion engine and it is on proud display at the Brussels air museum at the Jubelpark in Brussel.

Photographed 2016 by Meindert de Vreeze , (c) copyright

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A few plastic scale models were available of the G.III. In 1/72 Choroszy has a nice kit as well as Omega. A few 1/72 vacuforms were also released, e.g from Roseplane and HR model. 


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