The American Consolidated Model 29 PB2Y was developed to have a larger capacity flying boat in the 1930s. Consolidated had developed the succesful PBY Catalina flying boat so had experience but still there were stability issues. It got a cantilever wing and four Pratt and Whitney R-1830 radial engines. First flight was in 1937 but deliveries to US Naval patrol squadrons did not begin before end 1940. During the Second World War PB2Y's saw action with US Patrol squadrons particularly in anti-submarine and bombing roles but had a limited about 1,000 miles range. A few were supplied to the Royal Air Force Coastal Command.

Some 217 aircraft were manufactured. After the war the type was obsolete and scrapped.

coronado profile


This PB2Y-5R Coronado with 7099 is quite unique as it is the last surviving aircraft of its type in the World. It had a special mission in September 1945 as it flew the staff of Admiral Nimitz to the Japanese surrender ceremonies. It is on proud display at the National Naval Aviation museum at Pensacola, Florida. 

Photographed Summer 2019 by Ronald van Voorst (C) Copyright IPMS Nederland

  • PB2Y-5R-Coronado-0
  • PB2Y-5R-Coronado-1
  • PB2Y-5R-Coronado-10
  • PB2Y-5R-Coronado-11
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  • PB2Y-5R-Coronado-24
  • PB2Y-5R-Coronado-3
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  • PB2Y-5R-Coronado-5
  • PB2Y-5R-Coronado-6
  • PB2Y-5R-Coronado-7
  • PB2Y-5R-Coronado-9

Plastic scale models known are:  in 1/144 from Anigrand resin and in 1/72 there was a vacuform form Execuform and Rareplanes, later came a Kora Models kit and a MACH2 kit.


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