The new Grumman company designed in 1930/1931 the FF-1, or Model G-5 as "fighter". It was powered by first a Wright R-1820E engine of about 600 hp and later a 750 hp engine. The Type had a retractable gear and was made of light weight stressed skin metal. The crew was the pilot and a gunner. The FF-1 Dolphin nickname was "Fifi".  The FF-2 was a dual controls version. Some 116 were built but the Type was retired from first-line use in 1937 by the US Navy but some were used for training.

It was license built in Canada as G-23 by the Canada Car and Foundry and put into Canadian service. Some were exported to Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua and illegally to Spain for Republican use. (it is claimed that a Republican G-23 "Delfin" shot down a Heinkel during the Spanish Civil War).

ff 1 profile


This aircraft "9351" is a former G-23 that was flown in Nicaragua. It was found in a scrap yard, retrieved and restored by Grumman in 1966. It is on display at  the National Naval Aviation museum at Pensacola.

Photographed Summer 2019 by Ronald van Voorst (C) Copyright IPMS Nederland

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