The Italian Macchi company developed C.202 as fighter using experience with the C.200 Saetta. Designated C.202 an called the Folgore (the Italian word for "thunderbolt") it was put in production and during the Second World War an important fighter for the Regia Aeronautica from July 1941. The engine was the Alfa Romeo RA.1000 Monsone V12 engine with usually 2 guns in the nose and 2 guns in the wing and a pair of bombs could also be dropped. The type was quite effective though there were problems with gun reliability and the radio. Over 1100 aircraft were manufactured in several versions.

macchi c202 profile

C.202 Folgore

This C.202 is probably the aircraft with no. MM 9476. It is shown in the typical camouflage and markings coded "90-4" of the Italian no.90 squadron of 10 Gruppo, 4 Stormo. It is probably one of the few survivors and on display at the Smithsonian National Air and Space museum in Washington DC. USA.

Photographed December 2015 by Cees Hendriks (c) copyright

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Many kits have been released of the Folgore in various modelling scales. In 1/48 Eduard has a good kit as well as Hasegawa with an older kit by Tauro. In 1/72 there were the old kits from FROG, Supermodel, Italeri (also released by Tamiya) with also Hasegawa kits. In 1/32 there is kit of Pacific Coast Models


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