The Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.8 was a British two-seat biplane reconnaissance and bomber aircraft of the First World War designed and produced at the Royal Aircraft Factory. It was also built under contract by other British companies.

Intended as a replacement for the vulnerable B.E.2, the R.E.8 was widely regarded as more difficult to fly and gained a reputation in the Royal Flying Corps for being "unsafe" that was never entirely dispelled. Although eventually it gave reasonably satisfactory service, it was never an outstanding combat aircraft. Nonetheless, it remained the standard British reconnaissance and artillery observation aircraft from mid-1917 to the end of the war.

More than 4,000 R.E.8s were eventually built.

Source:  WikiPedia

re8 profile


The R.E.8 flew also with the Belgian Air Force  and here is shown with code "8". It is preserved in the Brussels armed forces museum in the Jubelpark in Brussel, Belgium.

Photographed Summer 2016 by Meindert de Vreeze (C) Copyright IPMS Nederland

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