The Ryan PT-22 Recruit was designed as a military trainer aircraft in the nineteen forties. It was used for primary pilot training and originated from the ST civil and sports aircraft series. The PT-22 aircraft had a simple monocoque structure but with an aluminium skin. The wings have wooden spruce spars but with aluminum alloy ribs with fabric covering. The wing flaps are mechanically operated and the aircraft was not equipped with an electrical system. Hydraulic brakes are provided for each wheel. Military production versions had the Kinner radial engine or a Ranger line engine.

Note that the ST(M) sports series of the thirties are a bit different: often the Menasco line engine and other differences. The STM was the military version of ST-A Special with wider cockpits and some had provisions for a machine gun.

ryan stm profile

   STM with line engine

pt22 profile

    PT-22 with Skinner Radial engine.


This Ryan PT-22 has civil US registration N46502 . It is a ST3KR with c/n 1995 and was built in 1943.  The line engine is a  Ranger C5-440. It has the colour scheme of the US Army Air Corps and is kept in splendid condition. Seen at Texel airfield.

Photographed 2015 by Cees Hendriks (c) Copyright IPMS Nederland

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A few scale models exist of the PT-22.  In 1/72 of the STM-2 of MPM and HighPlanes and of the STM-3 (PT-22) of Dujin in resin and the old Rareplanes vacuform kit. In 1/48 Hawk / Testor have a STM-2 kit. A very nice large model in 1/32 scale is of Fisher Model & Pattern.