The  WACO aircraft company designed a S- series of small passenger aircraft manufactured from the 1935. Several variants were developed. The YKS-7 had a four seat closed cabin layout including the pilot and usually a Jacobs L-5 engine. 

Max speed was about 230 km/hr and wing span 10,13 m and a length of 7,7 m.

  waco yks drawing


This YKS-7 dates from 1937 and has gotten the registration TF-ƶRN and has c/n 4683. This splendid aircraft was seen in Iceland at the aviation museum at Akureyri.  

(note: the registration TF-ORN was used by several aircraft). 

Photographed 2022,  Henk de Jong (C) Copyright IPMS Nederland

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Several odd scale wooden models were released a long time ago. 

A plastic scale model of the WACO YKS serie is only a 1/72 kit from Khee Kha Art from 2007. 


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